Agile Design Best Practices

A set of best practices for an evolutionary design of information systems

Bart de Best

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In recent years the need for a design for an information system has been questioned by many organizations. The classic justification for bundling information about an information system and thinking upfront about the contours of the information system to be realized are seen as obsolete by the Agile way of working and the idea of ‘the three amigo development strategy’. Capturing the design of the information system (emerging design) during an Agile project is also omitted by many organizations. However, a design is also essential for safeguarding the transfer of knowledge, support for service management and compliance with laws and regulations. Elements that guarantee the continuity of an organization. This book describes how an Agile design can be implemented so that both the elements for business continuity and flexibility are guaranteed. The design is divided into the following views: business, solution, design, requirements, test and code view. The Agile design encompasses the entire lifecycle of the information system. The first three views are completed based on modern design techniques such as value stream mapping and use cases. However, the emphasis of the effective use of an Agile design lies in the realization of the information system, namely by integrating the Agile design, the test driven development and continuous documentation. With the Agile approach to design, you have a powerful tool in your hands to get grip on an Agile development project.

Drs. Ing. B. de Best RI. has been active in ICT since 1985. He worked primarily with the top 100 of Dutch business and government organizations. He has acquired experience in different roles within all aspects of system development, including operations for 12 years. After that, he focused on the subject of service management. Currently, as a consultant, he is active in all aspects of the knowledge management cycle of service management, such as training ICT managers and service managers, advising service management organizations, improving service management processes and outsourcing (parts of) service management organizations. He graduated at both the HTS and University level in the management field.

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