Past Societies
Past Societies

Past Societies

Human Development in Landscapes

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The Kiel Graduate School 'Human Development in Landscapes' has conducted research on socio-environmental issues of past societies during the last years. From the North Atlantic to the Persian Gulf and from Peru to the Near East, different attempts on the interfluve of environments and societies in landscapes describe certain historical moments and processes in which the interplay of ecological and societal factors is entangled. Events, processes and structures are described on local, regional and global scales as well as methodological developments on ecological and societal archives.

The selected case studies are linked by the general idea of the ability to integrate discovery, documentation, description and interpretation within the scope of analyses and synthesis. Thus, the interdisciplinary framework of the Kiel Graduate School formed the agenda for a holistic approach. 'Landscapes of power', transitions during neolithisation processes, maritime and other networks, site formation dynamics, 'landscapes of identities' and the 'making of heritage' are only a few topics included in this book. The closeness of human behaviour in certain environmental conditions becomes obvious despite the often huge distance in time and space. At the same time, one of the strengths of humanistic science becomes apparent: its commitment to a culture of knowledge across borders.


Johannes Müller and Andrea Ricci

Introduction: Concepts of Human Developments in Landscapes: A Structured Research Program
Johannes Müller and Andrea Ricci

Transitions during Neolithisation Processes in Southern Scandinavia: New Insights from Faunal Remains and Pottery from the Site Neustadt LA 156 in Northern Germany
Aikaterini Glykou

Interaction and Networks in the Neolithic Funnel Beaker Culture
Julia Menne

Development of Identification Criteria of Non-Dietary Cereal Crop Products by Phytolith Analysis to Study Prehistoric Agricultural Societies
Welmoed A. Out

Early Agriculture in Southern Peru
Hermann Gorbahn and Markus Reindel

Corded Ware and Bell Beaker between Rhine and Saale: Theories, Methods and Results
Ralph Großmann

Settlement History and Tell Formation Processes in the Birecik and Carchemish Sectors of the Euphrates River
Andrea Ricci

Writing the History of 'Peoples without History': The Case of the Zagros in the First Millennium BCE
Silvia Balatti

Iron Age Landscapes of Power in the Middle Rhine-Moselle Region
Manuel Fernández-Götz

Meteorological Medicine in the Hippocratic Corpus
Anne Liewert

Do as the Romans do? Human-Environmental Interactions in Ancient Southern Latium
Michael Teichmann and Hans-Rudolf Bork

Palynological Investigations on the Deposits of a Well Shaft from the Roman Iron Age with Special Reference to Non-Pollen Palynomorphs
Magdalena Wieckowska-Lüth and Dieter Bischop

Human-Landscape Interconnections: The Döberitzer Heide in the Early Middle Ages (ca. 7th-11th century) as a Space of Action between the Appropriation of Material Wealth and the Destruction of the Basis of Existence
Donat Wehner

Seafaring of the Hansa to the Shetland Islands, Faroe Islands and Iceland: The Maritime-Archaeological Potential of the North Atlantic Islands in the Late Hanseatic Period
Philipp Grassel

From Salamander to Siren: Landscapes of Identity
Maren Biederbick

Warscapes: Managing Space on the Western Front, 1914-1918
Christoph Nübel

Ethics in the Practice of Archaeology and the Making of Heritage: Understanding beyond the Material
Artur Ribeiro and Gustav Wollentz

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