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Op de golven van de stad

9789081439718 | Nederlands | Losbladig werk | 2009
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€ 15,00

On the waves of the city

9789081439725 | Engels | Losbladig werk | 2011
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In the early twentieth century, the inspired architects and artists of the Amsterdam School transformed their city into a place of enchantment. In cooperation with idealistic city leaders, wealthy dev... Meer

€ 15,00

Curtain Design Directory

Catherine Merrick & Rebecca Day
9780953526796 | Engels | Losbladig werk | 2007
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With 30 brand new contemporary designs for modern window treatments and 26 updated illustrations, this revised and expanded fourth edition of The Curtain Design Directory offers even more ideas and so... Meer

€ 46,95

Swatch Reference Guide For Interior Design Fabrics

Deborah E. (fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising Young
9781501306006 | Engels | Losbladig werk | 2017
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"Swatch Reference Guide for Interior Design is a complete learning tool for interior fabrics. An all-in-one text and swatchkit, it is replete with 150 contemporary swatches relevant to the field of in... Meer

€ 131,50

Everyone's Welcome

9780931201530 | Engels | Losbladig werk | 1998
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Everyone's Welcome is a manual for museum professionals and designers to help them better understand the requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It details ADA requirements and pro... Meer

€ 39,95