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Professional English - English For Professional Success Text+ Audio Cd

Hector Et Al Sanchez
9781413020878 | Engels | Kartonnen boek | 2005
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Includes Text and Audio CD for English for Professional Success. Meer

€ 33,50

50 Steps To Improving Your Academic Writing Study Book

Chris Sowton
9781859646557 | Engels | Kartonnen boek | 2012
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An academic writing course for students preparing for English-medium higher education study. Meer

€ 31,95

Bridging Discourses In The Esl Classroom - Students , Teachers And Researchers

Pauline (university Of New South Wales Gibbons
9780826455376 | Engels | Kartonnen boek | 2006
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Examines the interactions between learners and teachers in a content-based classroom. This book aims to identify patterns of discourse which support both second language development and curriculum lea... Meer

€ 82,95

Let's Start Talking - Conversation For High Beginning Students

George Rooks
9780838448250 | Engels | Kartonnen boek | 1994
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Offers upper-beginning and lower-intermediate students an opportunity to express their ideas about stimulating problems in an interactive small group setting. Meer

€ 53,95

Working With Discourse - Meaning Beyond The Clause

J. R. Martin & David Rose
9780826488503 | Engels | Kartonnen boek | 2007
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Aims to present an accessible set of analytic tools that can be used to explore how speakers and writers construe meaning through discourse. These techniques are introduced through analyses of spoken,... Meer

€ 43,50

Advanced Language Learning - The Contribution Of Halliday And Vgotsky

Heidi Byrnes
9780826443083 | Engels | Kartonnen boek | 2006
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Examines the need for advanced levels of language learning from socio-cultural and linguistic perspectives. This book examines the acquisition of advanced levels of ability in 3 parts: theoretical; de... Meer

€ 54,95

Children's Language And Multilingualism

9780826495174 | Engels | Kartonnen boek | 2008
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Presents a survey of the linguistic issues facing children growing up in indigenous communities. This book illustrates the linguistic diversity that can be found in such communities. It examines a wid... Meer

€ 44,95