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America's Founding Fathers

Bill Adler
9780878332847 | Engels | Afwijkend boekformaat | 2003
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Collected in this volume are the personal philosophies of the founding fathers, with their best quotations on life, love, marriage, family, children, religion, patriotism, sacrifice, law, professional... Meer

€ 18,95

Brokering Circular Labour Migration

Huey Shy Chau
9780367140571 | Engels | Afwijkend boekformaat | 2020
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€ 153,50

Borking Of Clarence Thomas

D. Brock
9780029046555 | Engels | Afwijkend boekformaat | 1993
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Attempts to settle questions left unanswered by the trial of Clarence Thomas, a Supreme Court nominee, charged with sexual harrassment by his former employee, Anita Hill. Brock concludes that Hill's t... Meer

€ 25,50