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How's Teddy?: Colorcards

9780863884801 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2003
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Features pocket sized sets of flashcards that are designed to support teaching and therapeutic input in the clinic, school and home. This title introduces feelings. It features 18 different attitudes,... Meer

€ 17,50

Emotions & Expressions: Colorcards

Sioban Boyce
9780863889271 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2013
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Features a set of cards which provide an opportunity to explore through discussion the likely emotions and responses that are shown in faces and body language. This title provides details about the im... Meer

€ 68,95

Talkabout Cards - Self Awareness Game

Alex Kelly
9780863889011 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2011
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Features 20 group games to encourage self awareness and effective social skills. Fun, quick and easy to play, this title features the familiar Talkabout drawings to provide visual cues. Each game card... Meer

€ 43,50

Who Am I?

Alex Kelly
9780863889929 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2013
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Features cards that have been designed to be used with an individual or small group to practice good communication and social skills. Meer

€ 44,95

Onionhead Activity Kit Age 2-10

9780863887208 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2008
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Presents appealing cards that help children to: identify feelings; communicate in a constructive and responsive manner; learn anger management and creative conflict resolution; develop greater underst... Meer

€ 33,95

Communication Game

Betty Rudd
9780863887314 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2008
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Helps you enhance communication skills while enabling participants to discover information on how to interact with others more effectively. Meer

€ 25,50

Talkabout Cards - Group Cohesion Games

Alex Kelly
9780863888991 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2011
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Includes a collection of 20 games designed to help group cohesion can be used to enhance a social skills activity or as warm up and finishing games. Meer

€ 43,50

50 Things To Spot At The Airport

9781409507307 | Engels | Kaartspel | 2010
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Part of the "Spotters' Cards" series, this title shows different things to spot at an airport, from planes and trucks, to the air traffic control tower and departure lounges. Suitable for spotters bot... Meer

€ 9,50